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Lazerfun is the place, where you can have so much fun. You can play all kinds of games with your friends, colleagues or family members. You can pick from games like Agents, Death match, Graffiti, King of the hill and more. There are also different levels of difficulty, so if you know, you are a beginner, it is better not to start with intermediate game and the other way around. Also, the occasion you chose to spend your time in lazerfun is just up to you. You can celebrate here your birthday, organise a team building or team meeting if your boss is fun. You can propose to your teachers at school to spend a school day there too. You can also use additional programme such as other games or refreshments. You can also buy a voucher as a unique present, that will be sent to your email, so you can save the trees.


If you play often enough, there are advantages prepared for your loyalty. You can start collecting stamps on your loyalty card. For each played game you will get one stamp. When your loyalty card is full, you can get a members card

To get a members card, you only have to fill in registration form and collect all the 15 stamps on your loyalty card as mentioned above. After you become a member you are required to have your card with you, when you come for another game. You will have special price for every game – 79 CZK. You will have a chance to meet more game companions, you can choose your special nickname, that will appear on your card. Doesn´t it sounds like fun?


Normally you would get a game for 105 CZK, if you are a group of twelve and more or if you are a student or a child. In case you are an adult with no discounts, regular price is 145 CZK. It is easy to count, how profitable the members card is. Plus, if you have an exclusive membership, come on. That is feeling we all love – to belong to elite.

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